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Welcome! Soul Client!

Ready to start your Goddess Tattoo journey with me?


Fine Line, Florals & Botanicals, illustrative pieces, as well as Micro-realism in Black Work, 3rl shading, and limited color.

Cover-ups Welcomed

Getting a Session with Sole

Sole Rebel Tattoos is a rising tattoo artist, highly sought out for her unique approach and the pleasant experience she creates for those getting her ink. She has an eye for clean esthetics and precision, and uses only the best materials for her Clients, producing long lasting, and beautiful effects.  She is careful during the tattooing and with the follow up aftercare. She wants you to love your piece and remember a wonderful experience.

Sole Rebel Tattooing.jpg

Fine Line Florals and Botanicals

"These days, a lot of people seek out Fine Line tattoos, for a number of reasons – they’re subtle and delicate, allowing you to partake in tattoo culture without committing to the heavier aesthetic of more traditional tattoos. They also can offer some greater flexibility with size, because in general, the thinner the line, the smaller the tattoo can be. They place less stress on the skin than a bolder tattoo, so they also tend to heal faster."

 if you are interested in a Fine Line Floral or Botanical design, visit our services to see which session is right for you.  If you are not sure and need help deciding, Let's chat! or book an online consultation to discuss body placement and time estimates.

fine line floral and geometry_edited.png

Micro Realism

 "In tattooing, micro realism refers to a mashup of two separate tattoo techniques. Micro tattoos are teeny tiny tattoos generally are no bigger than the palm of your hand. Photorealism is an art term that’s been adopted to describe tattoos that appear as real as a photograph. They’re extremely detailed and take real skill on the part of the artist.

Micro realistic tattoos are currently on-trend in a big way with people requesting bite-size designs that reflect our real world."

Nov. 2020 Lifestyle / By Andrew Kreeger 

This design is a starting point if you are interested in a micro realistic portrait or design.  Contact  Sole with your idea and body placement for a brief consultation.

Custom Pieces in Blackwork

"Blackwork is the style of tattoo that most resembles my personal illustrative style.  As an illustrator, I've developed a very particular desire to see textures and line variation in black ink, and frankly Blackwork is just so sexy! Ask me about Anacaona!"

--Sole Rebel

"Though tribal tattoos do make up a large portion of the Blackwork style, recently other aesthetics have been added to the roster as well. Dark Art, illustrative and graphic art, etching or engraving style, lettering and calligraphic scripts are all considered to be within the vein of Blackwork. In short, the style is a general term for tattoos that are made exclusively with black pigment.

Elements of this style of tattoo include thick outlines and bold, solid, black areas juxtaposed by intentional negative space or ‘skin-breaks’. Any design made up of solely black ink without the addition of color or grey shading can be classified as a Blackwork piece.", 2022


This design is a starting point if you are interested in a custom design done in Blackwork, book a consultation with Sole, by visiting our services page below.

Jungle Fever-1_edited_edited.jpg


Nina V. (Miami)

Sole Gonzales is the absolute best!!! I have over 20 tattoos and Sole has been my favorite artist: so far she’s done a huge piece on my back and we’re working on a whole leg sleeve. I couldn’t be more grateful for her time, detail and dedication to my tattoos.


Dilia G. (Orlando)

This tattoo means a lot to me personally and Sole made sure my experience was just as good as the product itself. She takes care to cause the least amount of pain or discomfort, she’s is very careful and strict about keeping a very sanitized environment and she brings a energy and passion to her work that makes you fall in love with the finished product so much more when you see the love and care she puts into her work, into every detail no matter how small. I will be coming back for sure and everyone who asks from now on she is my top recommendation 100%


Symran R. (Miami)

Sole was amazing! So kind and such a great artist, I will 100% be going back to see her for more.

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